Unholy Acceptance

Sometimes saying no is the better thing to do.

If I stay true myself and accept what I am feeling,

I am afraid my morals will no longer be winning,

It’s hard to admit,

It’s even worse to accept,

But my feelings seem to undoubtedly rise,

With each day,

With each breath I take,

Your soul waters the flower within me,

My love blossoms with great power,

Surging through my soul,

You over power me making me loose control,

I no longer feel as though I can hold back,

The exhaustion of hiding my love for you is spiralling out of control,

I need to run before I get close,

Close to my breaking point,

For the sin I am about your commit,

Is worth more than the death penalty,

Surely if I begin this cynical sin,

My soul will end in sheer darkness,

Leaving me to face God’s ultimate wrath,

For my soul will be devoured in blazing fire,

Simply because I accept the love I have for you,

Making my heart and yours become one.

By S.T-Lewis.

Her Deepest Fear

She was in awe with his beauty,

He walked into her life and everything changed in just one night,

Her heart became his reward,

She gave it to him hoping all that was lost would be restored,

Yet she got it back broken more than it was before,

Her heart became black as her life began to crack,

Everything she worked for,

Everything she believed was hers,

Everything she thought they had birthed,

Became a myth in a heart beat,

 Her heart then stopped,

Just for that second her heart lost its rhythm,

Her mind was trying to absorb the delusion she once saw as her new life,

Everything that she thought was right ,

Turned out to be nothing,

As the one she thought was hers took flight,

Now it’s hard for her to give love one last try,

As she fears the nightmare she got lost in will arise again,

She can’t go back to him,

She can’t go back to her happy life,

All she does is sit and weep as she thinks of her love life’s history,

She makes a promise never to fall again,

For Every day she wakes she is filled with a devouring endless pain.

By S.T-Lewis.





That One

It can be hard, hopefully it will all be worth the wait in the end!! 🙂

Sometimes it can be hard waiting for the one,

Especially when all your life has been in search for that one,

Waiting day and night hoping that they are close to reach your side,

Everyday you wake up and go to sleep still hopeful,

Still waiting for that magical day,

When he walks in and gives your life a shake,

The sparkle and dazzle that is needed,

He will make your heart race in a beat you can’t expel,

The loneliness you once condoled will seem repulsive and unbearably insane,

You will crave his every being,

Wanting him night and day,

His lips will become your sanctuary,

The safe place you go to when you want everything chaotic to stop,

He will become your universe,

You will live for him, with him, because of him,

He will be more than just your lover but your confidant and everything else,

Everything your world needs will be close by,

That one special person can and will turn your life around,

With the beat of a heart they can make your life seem bright,

That one special person I wait for,

I long for his sweet touch,

One day he will be mine,

Till then I wait in silence hoping tomorrow will be that day,

That special one will make my heart beat insane.

By S.T-Lewis.

You Are My Dream

I thought I was over you,

Till you suddenly appeared in my dreams last night,

Making love to you felt so right,

As you held me pulling me in tight,

I drifted and all that was in the world disappeared,

The stars became so bright as our hearts rekindled,

Looking into your eyes brought brightness into my life,

Just for that one night I was no longer in fear,

Simply because I had you for one more night,

Then she appeared,

Devouring our love with her presence,

Reminding us of the tragedy we both refused to hold onto,

Breaking the bond we had just rekindled,

She came in with intentions to steal you,

But our love was too strong to be defeated,

I refused to let you go as you tightened your hold,

Her weeps of bitter pain flooded her face,

Yet you still remained in my embrace,

This time I won the war,

I defeated her and became yours,

We laughed and cuddled as she renounced her vows,

Leaving us to rekindle our flame once more,

Before our memorable night goes in vain,

Our bodies danced with passion till I was awaken by light,

The morning sun has risen waking me up from what is forbidden,

Reminding me that our love can never be true,

Since the day you said I do,

You broke whatever we had in two.

By S.T-Lewis.


That Memory

It’s not the fact that I can’t say goodbye,
It’s the fact that I don’t want to say goodbye to what was a magical night,
The memories of sweetness I hold so tight,
You loved the roll of my tongue,
I loved the beauty of your words,
Everything seemed so perfect,
Loosing myself was worth it,
I would do it again if time took a step back, I would go back to that night and give this memory one last fight,
Making sure it remains cemented in both of our cortex’s,
Not so that the memory can be repressed but retrieved with just the beat of the chest,
I will remember you as the sunlight beams,
I would reminisce as the sun’s distant penetration makes me feel the heat you made me feel,
That night there was no room for what wanted to be done,
Even though we never said it,
Our eyes spelt it,
As we danced with laughter,
Enjoying the feeling of things growing harder and hearts beating faster,
Sealing it with one true kiss,
I never thought I could feel like this,
Until I met you,
Now I am left feeling as low as the colour blue,
As I am forced to let this memory float,
Let it go because I don’t have you to hold,
I am left with an incompletion in my soul,
Simply because it is the hardest thing to let you go.

By S.T-Lewis.


Its time we let her rule…

She’s the one thing we all love and long for,

The one thing that unites nations,

That can make war break,

The one thing that can turn enemies into partners,

The sweet sovereign nature of her existence is longed for by many,

Many that suffer with effortless pain cry for her,

The loss of loved ones devouring the nations heart,

The sirens of pain burn as her existence goes in vain,

When will the world seek her name?

When will we shout out calling her to reign?

Let her coronation be welcomed by every nation,

As we stand firm and acknowledge the power of her existence,

Let the world be still,

As she rules over calling us to subdue,

Let her wipe away the tears of loss,

As she stands firm uniting us with trust,

For one day she will lead us,

For one day her name will be predominantly on our lips,

As the nations sing and cry out in sync,


Let her name become that very thing on our lips,

For eternity as she remains Queen.

By S.T-Lewis.

My Rolling Facade

There is so much acting one can do, till the facade is discovered…

You make my heart effortlessly beat,

Well at least you did,

I used to sing of how great you make me,

The flicker of happiness that I absorbed with you,

Made me feel the universe and all its uniqueness,

Now it’s nothing but dark bitter hatred,

The colours don’t seem so bright,

My heart doesn’t sing with pride,

I hurt like a rolling tide,

My everything is no longer you and I,

As I sit and try not to cry,

My chest is unbearably tight,

The collection of pain triggering my insides,

Making me feel this never ending reality,

The obstruction of my dying soul,

Makes it hard for me not to explode,

My every ounce needs you to help me keep my emotions under control,

Instead I sit here trying to win this battle on my own,

Failing with each waking day,

My sinking heart in now a reviving king,

As I lost the battle with my true king,

You sail away with my heart in your palm,

And I sit here drowning in my façade,

Hoping to showcase the Oscar winning performance that has taken me this far,

To the point that nobody knows what’s truly in my heart,

 I stride like a cat woman on show,

Pretending that all is under control,

When really and truly this pain will never dissolve.

By S.T-Lewis